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Read our HMO articles if you're interested in health insurance as a group.

Second to Die
A second-to-die life insurance policy insures the lives of two people, typically a husband and a wife. Also called survivorship life insurance. Read more

Comp and Collision
Collision covers your car in an accident that's your fault. Comprehensive covers your car in non-accident cases such as theft. Read more

Health Insurance Types
HMO, PPO, POS ??? Here is an explaination on types of health insurance. Read more

Ways to Save!
Know a good locksmith, alarm company, or have good credit - It all helps to save you money on homeowners insurance. Read more

Dental Insurance
Dental insurance vs. dental discount plans : make sure you know the difference. Read more

Disability Insurance Overview
Here is an explaination of disability insurance along with the benefits of owning a disability policy. Read more

Am I Eligible for Long Term Care?
Eligibility requirements for long term care will vary by insurance company. Read more

Travel Insurance Overview
What is travel insurance? Why should you purchase travel insurance? What does travel insurance cover? This article explains travel insurance including some benefits of purchasing travel insurance. Read more

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Car Insurance
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Health Insurance
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Dental Insurance
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# 1035 Exchange
A Admitted Carrier
B Bailment
C Cash benefits
D Deductible
E Earned premium
F Front-end load
G Guaranteed renewable
I Insurable risk
J Joint venture
K Key person insurance
L Latent defect
M Market value apprais...
N National Flood Insur...
O Ownership
P Policy Limit
Q Quota share reinsura...
R Renewable Term Insur...
S Subsidence
T Term Life Insurance
U Underwriters Laborat...
V Vacant property
W Whole dollar premium
Y Yearly renewable ter...
Z Zone system

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